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  • Welcome on Board...

    Tableware created for life on board. Pieces with non-slip bases, manufactured in unbreakable high quality melamine, dishwasher safe. This line is slightly heavier, making it more solid with a higher resistance to falls and dents. 
    Plates, bowls, jars and salad bowls in TWO TONE (Grey and blue) with an exclusive nautical look. Glasses and cups in Tritan™ are also non-slip, enabling more safety aboard.

  • Northwind Marine Business


    The pieces are in unbreakable melamine and are lighter, meaning the tableware is practical and comfortable for everyday use. The square and circular versions of Northwind take up very little space, as they are stackable. All melamine products are dishwasher safe. All glasses are unbreakable and are available in 9 different colours, suitable for every occasion. Northwind tablecloths are also available with stain proof covers and many other accessories to set your table.

  • Columbus Marine Business

    Heavy duty tableware with attention to detail 

    Classical design, melamine suitable for dishwasher, unbreakable and high density in TWO TONES (navy blue melamine) making the tableware even more solid. The cutlery has 24 pieces and is made of stainless steel with a laser engraved design.
    All accessories are matching and offer a coordinated and elegant table setting. All glasses are unbreakable and the bowls and mugs are stackable.

  • Regata Marine Business

    A non-slip colourful design! 

    Tableware in unbreakable melamine suitable for dishwasher. Available non-slip base in all mugs, plates, bowls and for the square models. 
    The design is full of colour and the cups and glasses are also resistant to falls. Nine models of different sizes for all types of boats that match up with all other pieces.

  • Rosette Marine Business

    Unbreakable melamine tableware with embossment in two different colours. Perfect for houses at the beach or in the countryside.
    There are also two lines of glasses and bowls in tinted transparent materials that are highly resistant and dishwasher safe.

  • Toscana Marine Business

    This line has two versions of melamine dishes to be matched up or to make a set. 
    Pretty Toscana evokes lovely bicycle rides in spring. The pinkish tones and vintage design remind us of the tranquillity of the most delightful parts in this area.
    Ivory Toscana. Simple and elegant design in this melamine tableware that resembles china with a subtle embossment. 
    The Toscana tableware is suitable for everyday use and is dishwasher safe.

  • Bali Marine Business

    Absolute elegance A melamine tableware collection with a taupe grey exterior. The Bali line has been designed for those who like to enjoy elegance on their table without compromising on comfort. The sets of melamine dishes have a slight embossing as well as a subtle texture in the design that makes them look like china. The unbreakable beakers and glasses bring an air of sophistication to the table while ensuring safety while sailing.

  • Harmony Marine Business

    A collection in high density melamine perfect for gardens and outdoor areas.
    Understated, simple and perfect for all occasions. Available in three colours that can all be matched together. Diversity of semi-transparent glasses and beakers in different tones or fully transparent. 
    The dishes are suitable for dishwashers and the beakers and glasses look like glass but are highly resistant to knocks and scratches.

  • Sailor Soul Marine...

    Collection of high quality melamine tableware with embossed texture and an exclusive nautical, elegant and with character. Accessories, cutlery and unbreakable glasses and cups so you do not miss anything on board.

  • Party Marine Business

    Essential accessories so you enjoy your free time

    Practical and unbreakable items for aperitifs and meals round the pool or on board! Wine and champagne coolers with a support to hold glasses and foldable trays with handles to aid carrying!
    Functional and sophisticated designs for optimising space, easy to clean and made of top quality, hard-wearing and long-lasting material. 
    Articles created specially to make outdoor experiences more comfortable and easy.
    Wine cooler and ice bucket with a detachable support for glasses that can hold six wine or champagne glasses.
    Every accessory to ensure the best aperitif experience. Practical and unbreakable items so you can really enjoy the party! 
    Drinks and celebrations!

    Unbreakable glasses to enjoy cocktails, appetizers and parties with friends or family. The safety of these break-resistant materials make outdoor life more comfortable.

  • Lux Marine Business
  • Moon Marine Business

    A collection of jugs and essential glassas that can not be missed at home or on the boat. Several colors to choose or combine in ultra durable and high resistant material, suitable for the dishwasher and everyday use.

  • Kitchen Marine Business

    Our nesting cookware helps you save space since you can store one pot inside of the other. They’re made of high quality stainless steel. They have a thermo-transmitting bottom and can be used on any kind of stove: gas, induction or ceramic hob.

    The kitchen canisters are stackable and are available in two models.

  • Free Style Marine...

    Top quality textiles for the bedroom or cabin. Collection of quilts, duvet covers and cushions in various colours to be matched up or to create areas with a distinctive style.

    Different shapes and sizes with stamped designs for quilts (dark red, blue or ecru) and duvet covers (beige or blue) 
    Superior quality fabric

    Sets of towels and beach or deck towels made from high quality cotton, with a velvety feel and available in two colours: navy blue or beige. Practical non-slip mats for the shower in two sizes and a variety of designs.

  • Royal Marine Business

    Linen collection with two different colors. Duvet covers, Quilts and towel sets for cabin or bedroom. Finished with high quality and also offering cushions with unique pattern perfect for bedrooms or couches. Choose your style: sportif or classic.

    Top quality fabric! Sweet Velvet towels
    Modern design and sporty united with the utmost quality. Towels are velvety and 100% cotton. Beach towels with inflatable pillow on the inside.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 24 items